Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 5

 The weather was frigid that school was cancelled.
 I did a lot of baking.
 And coloring with my little Picasso.
 That's homemade chocolate cake, and I could've eaten all of it.
 Chocolate mustache.
 Finally, the sun came out. Why are my moods so dependent on the sun?
 We celebrated Anna, a week late, but we celebrated anyway.
 Saturday mornings are basketball mornings. He's a good dribbler, and shooter, and he's really fast.

 Fresh snow and sunny day.
 First footprints in the fresh snow. I love the mornings after I drop the big kids off at school, and it's just her and me.

 I love the glittery, sparkly snow and the sun rays shining down on it.
And out of all of these pictures, I don't have any of Jacob. He's getting so big and grown up, and sometimes I miss him even though he's right here...does that make any sense?

*all of these photos are taken with my iPhone...of course.

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